Current Work in the United Kingdom
Conference organised in conjunction with V&A to consider Edward Gordon Craig's Legacy in the field of Art and Theatre Design - click on link above to hear this on UAL Research Online
‘Staging the Renaissance’
'The writing of the past and the performance of the present' ( Susan Bennet - ‘Performing Nostalgia’)
'Ten Thousand Several Doors'
‘Ten Thousand Several Doors’ a site specific adaptation of The Duchess of Malfi by John Webster with Prodigal Theatre Company directed by Jane Collins and designed by Peter Farley won the Best Production of the Brighton Festival Award in 2006. Production sites involved the use of Brighton Station and its environs.
Photographs by Matthew Andrews
A site-sp ecific version of the ‘Duchess of Malfi ‘ incorporating Brighton Station and the surrounding area in 2005.
Design/video/photography by Peter Farley
Interdisciplinary collaboration
A Performance - ING Bank 2006

"We were inspired by Benjamin West's portrait of Sir Francis Baring initially because of its dominating presence. We wanted to know more about this man with the open outstretched hand, eyes fixed on something stage left.....but what or whom?

Sir Francis commissioned the painting in 1804 the year of his retirement. His wife Harriet, to whom he was married for 37 years and with whom he had twelve children, died in December of the same year. The painting was originally of the whole family. Shortly after completion it was cut down to its present size.

Was Harriet included in the original painting? In her absence we imagine her and from the remnants of a torn canvas attempt to piece together fragments of her world.”

Jane Collins and Peter Farley

Dream - on - Sea
Working in collaboration with the designer Peter Farley, an adaptation of A Midsummer Night’s Dream in which the lovers are played by four ballroom dancers in their eighties.

Acts of creative vandalism
The re-staging of renaissance plays in contemporary settings. Collaborations between professional actors, students and members of the community. Enabling the community to articulate through performance their pre-occupations and concerns.
Webster’s Women
A fresh look at the ‘Duchess of Malfi’ and ‘The White Devil’ by John Webster, again working with designer Peter Farley, with an all male cast performed at the Tron in Glasgow and ‘The Museum of..’ on the South Bank in London.